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Yuki Eiri
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Yuki Eiri [userpic]

Not. I must admit I have not missed updating this. Nothing interesting of any calibur has occured within the past 6 weeks. This just bores me even more. Perhaps I need a change of scenery. Venice sounds intriguing.


Feeling: frustratedfrustrated
Yuki Eiri [userpic]

Could it be possible that I am replete? I've been scrutinizing over every possible meaning of this word. It frightens me to the extent that I spent an extra hour in the shower because I was afraid. I'm losing it.

...Things have been dreadfully boring. I haven't heard from Seguchi,Aneki, or that maniac American in some time. Perhaps the Seguchi/Aneki thing works. I won't have to take care of their obnoxious little brat any time soon.

May need to become scarce. I have successfully completed a deadline without fleeing the country. Numerous novels completed, only infinity more to go.

Oh, rapture. Excuse me. Shuichi seems to need something. Lovely.

Feeling: crappycrappy
Yuki Eiri [userpic]

You know, if every person who saw the sunlight smiled, the world would explode from the glare. No one needs to see that much sunlight to be happy. It's sort of like that Spanish proverb, "Don't cry when the sun is gone because the tears won't let you see the stars." So sue me, I'm feeling quite philosophical right now. So what my interpretation of the quote means is that if a person is upset because of one thing, it clouds their judgment and claims their mind. If they're upset over someone, say, hypothetically speaking, a girl loves a boy, and the boy doesn't exactly love her back. That girl would be so caught up in trying to make the boy love her that she could be missing something completely beautiful, and it would be right in front of her face.

It's the things like this that distract me from writing, but also in a strange, and annoying way, they give me inspiration.

I feel a horrific plot twist coming...anyone excited?

Feeling: cynicalcynical
Yuki Eiri [userpic]

Have you ever had one of those nights where you feel the need to ramble endlessly, asking rhetorical questions and things you know will never be answered? I'm having that sort of night. Sitting in this moronic leather chair is even beginning to lose it's appeal. I used to find spinning so amusing.

Shuichi's hardly ever around anymore because of work, and I find myself becoming more bored by the second. So bored that I've even considered calling Seguchi a few times. He provides entertainment, however low the quality may be. He seems to have made crossdressing a new hobby of his. I don't find that appealing in the least.

My illness seems to have subsided for the time being. I wonder how long it will stay dormant for this time...?

A rhetorical question. Perhaps a pot of coffee is in order.

Current Location: office
Feeling: awakeawake
Hearing: None
Yuki Eiri [userpic]


For some farcical reason that is beyond even my comprehension, I feel like shit again. I've been getting recurring headaches every night for the past week or so, and some of them have rendered me almost without movement. I'm not sure what the cause of it is, but I'd damn well like to find out, since it is deterring me from my work.

[/END Private]

Hey, brat, when you get a second off from work, there's some things I need to ask you.

I have a deadline coming up soon, and I'm quite positive that I'm going to be hearing the "U" word again some time soon. Spare me the pain, please...

Current Location: bed
Feeling: sicksick
Yuki Eiri [userpic]

I am indeed alive. That's all you need to know.

Feeling: pensivepensive
Yuki Eiri [userpic]

It isn't like I remember it to be 7 years ago...Something about it has changed. I think it might be the fact that I'm 7 years older than the last time I was here. We'll never know until we find out, right?

Don't have a cow, Shuichi. I'll be home soon. I think.

Feeling: exhaustedexhausted
Yuki Eiri [userpic]


...I've done some stupid things before, but this is by far the stupidest. I hate feeling vulnerable. I'm not a fucking chick. I don't need to cry over every little thing that goes wrong. Since when do I have emotions? Since when do I even give a fuck about this type of touchy-feely shit? It's enough to make me puke my guts out.

I feel terrible. Yes, I used the word feel. What am I going to do now?


Hey, brat, where are you? ....I need to talk to you. I miss you.

I hate updating this thing. It makes me feel like I'm talking to myself. I haven't done much except get drunk today. That's about it. My deadline was last week, and I've gotten very distracted with Shuichi's birthday, and Easter, and everything else that just HAD to happen this week. It seems my sister and Seguchi are going to produce a snot-nosed little version of themselves. Don't expect me to be your babysitter. Shuichi, this is no excuse to play house, either, I refuse to change shitty diapers and other things.

"Uncle" Eiri my ass. I'm going to sleep. That penguin irritates me.

Feeling: pissed offpissed off
Yuki Eiri [userpic]

Apparently, being an insomniac is the newest thing on my ever growing list of problems. The supposed insomnia seems to have morphed itself into a disgusting virus that I just had to become infected with. It's as if breathing is seemingly useless, since it returns with no results.

I vehemently refuse to be sick. I'm not going to sit around for a week and waste time. This idiotic drivel which is a sad excuse for a novel has taken on a mind of it's own, and it's filled with horrific plot twists. A happy ending, you say? Where's the fun in that? My head is continuously pounding, and I have no method of stopping it. Even nicotine and alcohol seem to have no effect. All hope is lost, not.

I think I can hear the brat calling me. He has this annoying habit of moaning in the middle of the night if he doesn't feel me in the bed. He's like a limpet, the way he won't stop clinging to me and touching me all of the time. One would think he has some sort of separation anxiety.

I tried writing, but apparently it's not going anywhere, since I'm wasting my time writing in this stupid thing. I hate journals. Don't ask me why I even bothered...Oh, it's because Shuichi started crying, as usual, and to get him to stop from destroying my laptop with his bodily fluids, I said I'd get one. I hate these things. I really do.

Whatever. This is the perfect excuse for more people to bother me.

[[For the record, if someone wants to contact me, you can either use my normal AIM: Tantric Wrench; or my -new- character name: Yuki Eiri x]]

Yuki Eiri [userpic]

Test entry.

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